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Mycovio's is a chef/owner driven restaurant in Ocean Park on the long Beach peninsula,

Situated a stone throw away from the mighty Pacific ocean where our from origin Dutch Chef couldn't be more in his element.

Chef Paul started his career in Switzerland working for an Italian restaurant owner where he found his passion for Italian food! He went back to his native country The Netherlands and worked at Zochers in the city of Rotterdam and at acclaimed Italian restaurant Vasso in Amsterdam for 8 years six of them as the executive chef.

He then moved to Portland where he opened in 1998 Ristorante Fratelli an Italian kitchen and was one of the pioneering chefs in the Pearl District, after 15 successful years he closed the doors in 2013 and jumped the Columbia river to open Willem's on Main serving modern American comfort food.  While being there he went many a times to the Willapa Bay for oysters and fell in love with the Peninsula and especially Ocean Park.

5 years later he opened the doors of MyCovio's to go full circle and back to his cooking roots, love and passion for Italian inspired food and being close to the sea again like he was in the Netherlands!

At 6' 8" you cannot miss him in his open kitchen!

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